At Bear Creek, we believe that our school must serve and respect students, staff, parents and community, who are all integral elements of the culture of the school.

Pride and progress, in individuals, teams, programs, and achievements will be hallmarks of Bear Creek. We will provide a bright, clean, safe, and welcoming environment in which to learn and grow, and we will promote an atmosphere of teamwork, tolerance, and cooperation.

Our students will be provided with the opportunity to learn, succeed, and excel, in all areas of school life. They will have access to a challenging and varied curriculum, sharply focused on literacy and numeracy, in addition to a diverse range of co-curricular programs. They will be expected to demonstrate respect for community, family, staff, peers, and themselves.

Staff will promote and pursue excellence in both our students and ourselves, and enable students to develop the skills needed to meet ever-changing, life-long challenges. We will encourage mutual respect, understanding, and support among all members of the school community.

Parents of our students will be empowered to have meaningful and convenient access to the progress of their children along the educational journey, and will be partners in the communication network between themselves, their children, and the school. They will work together with their children and the staff to provide the best possible environment for student learning, and share a deep mutual respect and trust between staff and themselves.

We will establish a partnership between the school and the community that is both active and mutually beneficial.

We will participate in community-driven initiatives, and will be involved in an ongoing exchange of energies and resources. We will protect and nurture the school facilities and the surrounding environment, and make Bear Creek a valued and integral part of the community.