The Simcoe County District School Board is investing in its technological education programs to ensure students have access to industry-standard equipment, and current, relevant course content. We're also enhancing the safety standards in all our technological education labs. Technology courses include:

  • Grade 9 Integrated Technologies
  • Health Care Technology
  • Communications Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Computer Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Technological Design
  • Green Industries
  • Transportation Technology
  • Hairstyling and Aesthetics
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Computer Science / Programming Courses

Computer and information science is more than running application programs and programming. Rather, it relates to the ways in which computers represent conceptual objects and how computer systems allow those objects to interact. Computer and information science is the study of ways of representing objects and processes. It involves defining problems, analysing and designing solutions, and developing, testing, and maintaining programs.

Computer and information science education is relevant for all students because it incorporates a broad range of transferable problem-solving skills and techniques. It combines logical thinking, creative design, synthesis, and evaluation, and also teaches generically useful skills in such areas as communication, time management, organization, and teamwork.

Computer and information science will prepare students for an increasingly technological world. A foundation in this discipline will introduce students to the excitement and opportunities afforded by this dynamic field and will begin to prepare them for careers in information technology.

Engineering Courses

Computer engineering is an expanding branch of engineering with roots in both electrical engineering and computer science. It includes the design, operation, and maintenance of computer hardware and peripherals (printers, scanners, multimedia devices, and so on). Computer engineers work in every sector of society and industry designing new products and services. Within the field of computer engineering there are also a number of specialization including communications, control systems and software engineering.

Computer engineering education provides a hands-on understanding of the technology involved in many consumer products and industrial processes. It also teaches generically useful skills, including communication, time management, organization, and teamwork.

Ontario high school students can now interact directly with computer hardware and peripherals and gain a better understanding of the opportunities that this field presents. A foundation in this discipline will provide students with an introduction to the excitement and opportunity offered by computer engineering and will begin to prepare them for careers in computer hardware and networking.