The guidance office is a comfortable and welcoming environment for students and families-a place where you can obtain information and support. The secondary school guidance department serves the school community in a variety of ways:

  • Supports students in academic planning and course selection
  • Helps students seek out special pathways programs in secondary school that support their learning styles, interests and needs
  • Helps individual students to envision a plan for post-secondary and target some short- and long-term goals
  • Provides information about all post-secondary and career pathways
  • Supports students in establishing effective study habits and exam preparation
  • Coaches in career/life planning, including college and university scholarship application process
  • Supports students with life skills like decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, stress and time management and relationship awareness
  • Provides personal support and referrals to community resources

Counsellor Student Assignment

A-D Esther Dold

E-K Lissa Carcadden

L-R Kristen Alderson

S-Z Maureen Hines


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Guidance Services at Bear Creek

Student Success


  • Course Selections
    • Information
    • Option Sheets
  • Continuing Education (Night School, Summer School)
  • Forms
    • Peer Tutoring
    • COOP
    • Community Service Hours
    • Link Crew
    • Sports

Graduate Information

Last year of high school… Now What?

Student Health and Welfare

  • General
    • 211 - Easy access to community, social, health, and related government services in Ontario
  • Students

Student Jobs & Volunteering Opportunities

  • Interest Inventories
  • Students looking for a job; Try the Canada Job Bank
  • Job Search
  • CanLearn
  • Summer Company
  • Career Cruising
  • Investments
  • Volunteering Opportunities

Transition to High School

Link Crew Activities:

  • August BBQ
  • New Kodiak Welcome Guide

Post Secondary Information & Applications

Financial Assistance & Scholarships

Pathways to Learning

Specialist High Skills Major
Independent Learning Centre
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)
Learning to 18
Dual Credits

The Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) provides clear descriptions of the Essential Skills and work habits important for work, learning and life.